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Learn About Our Journey at MyMBAJobs

“Helping people to Grow.”

Pacific Career has leveraged its extensive expertise in management education, training, and campus recruitment to establish myMBAjobs, a platform designed to bridge the gap between talented individuals and employment opportunities.

The company recognizes that while there is no shortage of talented individuals, it can be challenging for them to find suitable employment. Therefore, Pacific Career is fully committed to providing efficient and effective solutions that cater to the needs of both candidates and corporates.

At myMBAjobs, candidates and corporates can easily connect and conduct campus recruitment processes throughout India. The platform's unwavering commitment to helping candidates achieve their career aspirations is reflected in its comprehensive solution for their career, education, work, and corporate needs.

With a global reach, myMBAjobs engages with millions of candidates worldwide, and its dedicated team is singularly focused on helping candidates connect with their dream companies.


myMBAjobs wants to revolutionalize the Indian white collar industry by creating an affordable networking platform for recruitment and training that goes beyond any geographical limits.


myMBAjobs would continue to satisfy our partners with our available solutions and would work on developing new, more cost-effective, and more efficient services that would facilitate our mission to revolutionalize the white collar industry.


At myMBAjobs, we promote company selection transparency to empower growth-focused candidates. Our valuable knowledge and customer-centric approach provide tailored solutions for efficient goal achievement.

Meet The Team


Smarjeet Das

Smarjeet has over 17 years of experience in coaching, business training, career coaching, financial planning, and corporate relations. He is now focused on myMBAjobs.


Sandeep Kumar Gope

Sandeep, has an extensive background of more than six years in Carrer Counseling, Event Management, and career guidelines.


Nikhil Uday Desai

Nikhil's 2.5 years of experience in financial planning and advisory make him an essential part of our brand, specializing in prospecting, researching, and agency calls.


Dhanashri Sonawane

Dhanashri, has completed her MBA in HR with one of the premium MBA institute in India, she is dedicated to improve the work quality for employees in myMBAjobs.


Pooja Mahajan

Pooja has over 11 years of experience in teaching, career counseling, consulting, and economic research, making her the go-to person for myMBAjobs candidates facing any difficulties.